“We live not for today, but for the ages yet to come, and the children yet unborn.” — Mary Harris (Mother) Jones


“A page of my Journal is like a cake of portable soup. A little may be diffused into a considerable portion.” — James Boswell

I used to be a person. Then I became a writer, than an editor and, finally, a publisher. It’s not that I don’t have any personal thoughts these days, it’s that I always seem to have something else to do when I want to talk about those thoughts. So, like Boswell, I must make a little go a long way.

I will try to at least crosspost things I write, especially book reviews. If you want more contact, find me at @HaymarketLiz and @StrongholdMag on Twitter.

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  1. Bob Van Noy said:

    Liz Burton, I came to your site because I appreciated your comments on CN regarding the White Helmets. I rarely go to personal web links but I was compelled to visit yours and I’m so pleased that I’ve found you.
    I’ll be surfing your writing frequently and Thank You.


    • Send me lots of positive thoughts I get more time to spend on the blog. Seems like every time I schedule a writing session I get sidetracked. Which is unfair to the authors I owe reviews to in particular.


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