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Review: The Real Anthony Fauci


Beginning in late 2019, as part of collecting news links for an aggregator group I run on MeWe, I followed the progress of a new virus outbreak in China. I read how it went out of control because bureaucrats didn’t report it immediately and initiate standard public health protocols for such an outbreak. I read how, when a general lockdown was instigated, the US and Canadian governments in December demanded all of their citizens in China be released so they could be brought home. I read as our own government pretended they were only aware of how serious the outbreak was at the end of January, and waited another month to begin acting.

Except instead of following long-established and proved protocols, our government initiated the same kind of draconian lockdown that had already by proved ineffective in preventing the spread of the virus in China, then demanded everyone line up to receive “vaccines” that had never been tested for either effectiveness or safety in humans.

In other words, I watched the US government perpetrate exactly the kind of terrorism campaign Mr. Kennedy describes in this book, independent of him or anyone else. I saw people denied early treatment, and wondered how many of them died because of it. And I watched the government funnel billions of dollars into the coffers of the pharmaceutical companies who were given not just permission to use the entire population as test subjects but absolved of any future liability if it turned out their “vaccines” had lethal consequences.

Even now, the truth about the disastrous “COVID policy” that has left people with chronic—and in too many cases potentially deadly—damage, and no recourse (if one continues to listen to the CDC) except to patiently suffer while the same companies that caused the damage “research” to find more drugs to push on the population that likely won’t do a thing to repair said damage.

This book has been suppressed and reviled, including in the comments on this very site, as being anti-vaxxer rubbish. It’s not. It’s a superb compilation of all the data the US government paid the corporate media to suppress, and as the narrative that made Big Pharma richer is falling apart it should be on the reading list of everyone who cares about the general welfare out corporate-owned government is supposed to have been promoting. It didn’t. And now, as the information young children cleared to receive those untried vaccines develop a new non-viral version of hepatitis with every indication it’s a side effect of those medications being buried in the ludicrous canard they’re being infected by their pets.

Read this book. And be angry.