“Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living.” ― Mary Harris (Mother) Jones

ChessboardIt’s common for people to scoff at the idea there’s a secret cabal within the government that’s actually running things. It’s also become accepted that the Warren Commission Report resolved all the questions surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and that all those who say otherwise are just crazy conspiracy nuts.

What if you found out you’re wrong on both counts? And that the former, while operating in a form of plain sight, may have been responsible for the latter?

John Foster Dulles and his younger brother, Allan, were fixtures in Washington DC for decades, and this compelling history of how they launched the Cold War and were barely restrained from bringing about the nuclear apocalypse may give you nightmares.

“In the view of the Dulles brothers, democracy was an enterprise that had to be carefully managed by the right men, not simply left to elected officials as a public trust…” (p. 3)

Now were they overly concerned about the people who had elected those officials.

“…their overriding commitment was always to the circle of accomplished, privileged men whom they saw as the true seat of power in America.” (ibid)

To embrace the idea that those same “accomplished, privileged men”—the 1% of the era—have any intention of forfeiting that seat of power voluntarily is naive, at best.

For certain, you’ll turn the last page of this excellent history of the period with more questions than when you started and, hopefully, a health amount of critical inquiry from this point on about just what’s going on in DC and elsewhere.

Be assured this is NOT a collection of wild speculation and paranoia. Mr. Talbot has done his research—exhaustively, considering the obstacles that still need to be overcome with regard to anything connected to the CIA—and his positions are carefully documented and reasoned out. Nor does he soothe the creeping sense of unease that arises as he reveals one cabal after another by suggesting the machinations he describes aren’t still going on.

A democracy such as ours is only strong when those to whom we give its charge operate in the full light of disclosure. That hasn’t happened in the past, and it’s unlikely it’s happening now, as the revelation of the full extent to which “terrorists” were tortured in the last decade shows. The real lesson Mr. Talbot leaves the reader with is simple: Anyone who believes they’re getting the truth about what’s going on in our government is living in a bubble of unreality.

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